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Michael Jordan Illuminati Symbolism & “BasketBall” & SEX-BAAL

Michael Jordan Illuminati Symbolism & “BasketBall” & SEX-BAAL


Michael Jordan Illuminati Symbolism & “BasketBall” & SEX-BAAL Part 1 – Michael Jordan illuminati conspiracy truthiracy 2010. Researched by Christopher Lord aka Truthiracy House of Wisdom. Michael Jordan “BasketBall” & SEX-BAAL

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Tags Bull Bible Ancient paleo Hebrew Center etymology Angus EL God Religion Truthiracy conspiracy news truth illuminati NWO Zeitgeist Esoteric wisdom knowledge master Christopher Lord symbolism 2012 esoteric intro order world introduction “alex jones” religion “new age” symbols government church bible satanism baal pagan paganism education educational documentary alien history control secret angels armageddon prophecy mind demons philosophy spirituality christianity Michael Jordan illuminati conspiracy truthiracy “Basket Ball” sex magic “michael jordan” “conspiracy theory” court pagan worship religion god gods wing-god nike bull goddess “just do it”


About esotericsymbolism

House of Wisdom Where MASTERS & TRUTHERS come to LEARN! YOUTUBE does NOT pay me ANY money AT ALL NOT EVEN ONE PENNY! They should be paying me around $350 a month for my views - but they declined me! WARNING: If you view my videos you will have TROLLS hound you feeding you lies about me, find the TRUTH for yourself before you listen to their LIES! Remember that I will only respond and react to the way you come at me, if you show respect, I give respect back. So if you have a question, just ask with respect and I will give it back. NO CONspiracy, just TRUTHiracy! BLOW YOUR MIND! BEST Esoteric "Original" VIDEOS! Where Masters Come to Learn! (Not a NOVICE site!) Conspiracy Theorist? NO! I am a "Truthiracy Master "Truthorist" No CONspiracy just Truthiracy! My father and grandfather are both 32º Freemasons of the Scottish Rite Sublime Princes Of The Royal Secret BUT I AM NOT A MASON AT ALL!!!! NO RACIEST REMARKS ALLOWED! No cursing! NO Religion or Cult to Join! Remember THERE is NO NWO, it's the SAME OLD WOLD ORDER, just like there is NO NEW AGE RELIGION, just the same OLD WORLD RELIGION of the ANCIENT world. Word Rhyming??? - Words or the phonetic compounding of sounds is only a partial etymological aspect of the relationship between them, because the historical roots are the same. To most, it appears as an assumption based on similarity of the sounds or the rhyming, but I want to be very clear that that assumption is an incorrect one. I prove everything in many aspects and realms, from all ANG-ELs (angles), not from ANG's of EL, BEL EVE me. Ask your self, how well do you know the EL_ANG_U_AGE? So yes, I use Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Latin and Germanic etymology to name a few. Help if you can, and if you love my videos I have an annual $20 Membership (donation) with Paypal!, Christopher Lord. Thank you! GOD? I like to believe that there is some kind of higher force or a God like force of some sort or another, but the nerve of man to ACT like we know what GOD is and is NOT, which is 100% lies because GOD never said one word, EVER, yet man tries to QUOTE his words? The god of the bible and ALL REligions of the world are 100% FAKE LIES, a CONcept made by man for CONtrolling man! I am 100% pure LOVE, EVILNESS is WEAKNESS, this is my so called "REligion". All original research! Open Theology & Truthiracy Learning & Researching the TRUTH! "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge" WHY Saturn as my logo? Because Saturn or EL is the GOD of the illuminati, the ALL SEEING EYE! NO, i do NOT worship EVIL in any form, I AM 100% PURE GOODNESS, and I FIGHT the EVE of EL (EVIL) every second of every day, BEL EVE me! About Me: Love, Peace & Wisdom My dream is that one day, man can create a world of peace and equality for all life on earth. Stop the evil elite, and give the earth and it's people back their natural born rights! Stop spending money and resources on killing in wars and build a utopia or a paradise for all, not for some! Man must elevate to the next dimensional level and leave the evil selfish caveman behind.

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